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Southern Maryland Intergroup Association LifeLine

The LIFELINE is an informal, unofficial newsletter published by the membership of the Southern Maryland Intergroup Association, Inc..  Any opinions expressed are those of the editor or authors of submissions.  They are not endorsed by SMIA, any group nor AA as a whole. 

To receive a copy by email, send an email to the Lifeline editor smia.lifeline@somdaa.org with the subject “Add Me to Lifeline”.  

All LifeLine Newsletters are stored in Adobe PDF format. Active copies are available back to January of 2020. Select the year and month you would like to view and click the thumbnail (for some versions or settings in Firefox, it may download the full pdf and then you open the downloaded copy

Copies prior to January 2020 are archived and are available upon request by e-mailing the Webmaster at webmaster@somdaa.org.

If you would like to submit an article or make a suggestion regarding Lifeline content, Click Here to access the submission form or e-mail the Lifeline Publisher directly at smia.lifeline@somdaa.org

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The printed Lifeline will be available for distribution at the next SMIA meeting on 09/11/2021


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