The SMIA posts these on-line meeting links as a courtesy to the groups and members we serve. We do not manage the individual meetings. Questions or issues regarding each meeting should be directed to the meeting host e-mail address displayed in each meeting information block.

The contact name and email address for each meeting is at the bottom of each meeting listing. If you have issues with, or questions about a meeting, click the e-mail address for that contact.
The SMIA or District 1 is not responsible for assisting you or your meeting attendees with set-up, configuration, passwords, meeting codes, telephone numbers, meeting conduct, or meeting format. This is the sole responsibility of the meeting host. We will post the information and meeting links as you have provided them.

If you need assistance with meeting configuration, visit the links
listed here as they apply to the platform hosting your meeting
To access the meeting, click the meeting link provided in the fourth row in each meeting listing.
If you need to add. remove, or change an on-line meeting, please click here

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