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Mailing Address:
Southern Maryland Intergroup (SMIA)
P.O. Box 767
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

Meeting Location
Immaculate Conception Church
28297 Old Village Road
Mechanicsville, MD 20659

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Where and When

Where and When Chair - Pat P.

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Because some of the restrictions are being relaxed or lifted, meetings may re-open.

Because the pandemic status is constantly changing,
meetings may have to temporarily close

On-Line Meetings are being added and changed frequently

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Color Key Green - Meeting Reopened Red - Temporarily Closed Blue - Reopened and On-Line Purple - Temporarily Closed with On-Line Meeting


* Al-Anon/AlaTeen meetings at the same location at the same time.
Code Description Code Description
11 11th Step Meditation TC Location Temporarily Closed
12x12 12 Steps & 12 Traditions MED Meditation
ABSI As Bill Sees It M Men
BA Babysitting Available N Native American
B Big Book BE Newcomer
H Birthday NS Non-Smoking (ignored by Meeting Guide)
BRK Breakfast ONL Online Meeting (ignored by Meeting Guide)
CAN Candlelight OD Open Discussion
CF Child-Friendly OUT Outdoor Meeting
CD Closed Discussion POC People of Color
AL-AN Concurrent with Al-Anon POL Polish
AL Concurrent with Alateen POR Portuguese
XT Cross Talk Permitted P Professionals
DR Daily Reflections PUN Punjabi
DB Digital Basket RUS Russian
DD Dual Diagnosis A Secular
EN English SEN Seniors
FF Fragrance Free ASL Sign Language
FR French SM Smoking Permitted
G Gay S Spanish
GR Grapevine SP Speaker
HE Hebrew KOR Korean
NDG Indigenous ST Step Meeting
ITA Italian TR Tradition Study
JA Japanese T Transgender
L Lesbian X Wheelchair Access
LIT Literature XB Wheelchair-Accessible Bathroom
LS Living Sober W Women
LGBTQ LGBTQ Y Young People
Meetings appearing in BOLD ITALICS are NEW meetings and less than 6 months old.


SMIA Where and When Documents
SMIA Tri-County Where and When (Provisional COVID-19 Publication)- August 2021
Click Here to Open Settings Guide for Printing the SMIA Where and When
Calvert County Where and When - Summer 2021
St. Mary's County Where and When - Summer 2021


SMIA Meetings are now listed on the Meeting Guide Mobile App. Click here for more info


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