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District 1 - Calvert
District 35 - Charles
District 36 - St. Mary's

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The District 1 business meeting is now held exclusively in person. District 1 meets on the 3rd Monday each month at St. Paul's Episcopal Church in Prince Frederick, MD.
The meeting begins at 7:00 PM.

Mailing Address: District 1 Trust Fund, PO Box 234, Barstow, MD 20610

District 1 Service Team

District Committee Member (DCM) Daniel S.
Alternate DCM Vacant
Secretary Sara S.
Treasurer Peggy R.
Events Committee Chair Suzie F.
Corrections and Jails Fred W.
Rehabs and Hospitals Mark B.
Bridging the Gap Chuck G.
Grapevine Colleen B.
Web and Communications Bill L.
Intergroup Liaison Bill L.
Public Information Roger M.

Calvert County Where and When -Spring 2022

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The following meetings need support

231 Tuesday Night Big Book Meeting
Grateful Alive

The District 35 Meeting is held on the first Thursday of each month at 7:00 PM. The meeting is held at:

Peace Lutheran Church
11610 Rubina Place
Waldorf, MD, 20602

The GSR (General Service Representative): our link between our
HomeGroup and AA as a whole. 
District 35 (Charles County) is acollection of the Home Group representatives that share their group conscience and experiences with each other and carry that collective message to our Area 29 (Maryland General Services). 

Without a group representative (GSR), a group's voice is not heard.  There is but a small handful of groups that are represented.  Be active! Beinvolved!  It is such an awesome way to give back! The collective message of our District and Area meetings are in turn brought back to our Home Groups. 

Do we know what that collective message is without a group representative?  Do we know if our group conscience is in good health? Is our hand really out to the person reaching for help?

We help carry the message by reaching out to our local institutions where help is sought and hosting various functions and activities that support the health of our entire fellowship.  

Charles County Detention Center Volunteer Intentions Form - Click Here to Download

District 35 Service Team
DCM Dwayne B.
Treasurer Paul Y.
Secretary David L.
District Intergroup Rep Kim L.
Grapevine Gail F.
Public Information/Cooperation with the Professional Community Chair Cindy H.
Hospitality David Y.
Institutions/Corrections Dan W.

Mailing Address: District 35, PO Box 1981, La Plata, MD 20646


The As Bill Sees It Group will move to Peace Lutheran Church, effective 7/23/22.

The address is

11610 Rubina Pl, Waldorf, MD 20602.

District 36 Website

The next District 36 Meeting will be held in-person at 6:30 PM. There will also be an option to attend the meeting via Zoom. The meeting is held at the Hollywood Resue Squad at 23469 Rescue Ln, Hollywood, MD 20636

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Meeting ID: 8811667149        Passcode: 2FWgmc    One Tap Mobile     +1 301 715 8592

St. Mary's County Where and When - Spring 2022

District 36 Service Team

District Committee Member (DCM)

Joyce S.

Alt DCM/ Webmaster/ Intergroup Rep

Cait B.


Crystal L.


Mike M.


Linda M.


Mary F. and Edna A.



Where and When

Buddy F.

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