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Mailing Address:
Southern Maryland Intergroup (SMIA)
P.O. Box 767
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622

Meeting Location
Immaculate Conception Church
28297 Old Village Road
Mechanicsville, MD 20659


Where and When Contributions


The past 20 months have been a challenge for us. The COVID-19 pandemic placed us on ground that we'd never experienced, and possibly could not have imagined. Yet we perservered. We kept meetings going with on-line resources, conference calls, and even small autonomous groups. People stayed sober and newcomers were still welcomed to our beloved fellowship.

One of the most important services that the SMIA has always provided to the communities we serve is the Where and When. It is so important in fact, that it is a stated article in our By-Laws. We will provide a meeting list. The SMIA does not, and will not appoint a fee to the Where and When. We publish this as a service.

We last published and distributed a printed version of the Where and When in February 2020. We're often asked when the next version will be distributed, and we've discussed this at several SMIA Monthly Meetings. Two factors have inhibited us so far; 1- The status of meetings was so fluid up to now, that it would have been cost prohibitive to print the document with the constant changes. 2 - Through the COVID-19 footing, contribuitions to the SMIA have fallen by more than 40%.

The good news is, we are considering printing and distributing the Where and When early in 2022, assuming there are adequate funds to support it. We believe that the majority of meetings have stabilized, so it is time to print.

So we are asking for your help. Aside from the generosity our groups have historically been known for, we would like to ask for contributions that will be specifically designated to printing the Where and When. We'd like to meet a goal of $2000. This would augment the budget set aside for Where and When printing.

Of course, we will keep the digital versions of our meeting list resources updated as often as we get new information. You can also print your own copy of the Where and When from the on-line PDF file by clicking here.

If you would like to contribute to the SMIA Where and When Fund, you can click the link below to make your contribution on-line, or you can send a check or money order to

Southern Maryland Intergroup (SMIA)
c/o Where and When Contributions
P.O. Box 767
Charlotte Hall, MD 20622



SMIA Where and When Documents
SMIA Tri-County Where and When (Provisional COVID-19 Publication)- December 2021
Click Here to Open Settings Guide for Printing the SMIA Where and When
Calvert County Where and When - Winter 2021/22
St. Mary's County Where and When - Winter 2021/22


SMIA Meetings are now listed on the Meeting Guide Mobile App. Click here for more info


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