Bridging the Gap


BTG is an Alcoholics Anonymous program that has been active for many years.  This is unique Twelve Step work.   A.A. members volunteer to become Temporary Contacts (TC).  TCs works with newcomers who are being discharged from treatment settings and helps them bridge the gap to A.A. in the local community.  The TC makes direct personal contact with the newcomer while he/she is still at the treatment facility -- either by visiting the facility, attending a meeting together or whatever contact is thought necessary.

The contacts and newcomers make every effort to attend at least one meeting together on the day of the client’s release from treatment.  Therefore, for at least two weeks, the contact will help the newcomer to attend a variety of meetings, introducing him/her to other A.A.s, especially members who might have similar backgrounds or interests.  The contact familiarizes newcomers with A.A. books, pamphlets, schedule of meetings, the intergroup, etc.  Explain sponsorship to the newcomer, and the importance of obtaining a sponsor without delay, you are not their sponsor.  
A TC is an A.A. member enjoying a comfortable, stable sobriety, with at least a year, working the steps and has a sponsor.  It is suggested that you explain what A.A. is and the Twelve Step program of recovery, and also what A.A. does not do.   

Tradition Five states: Each group has but one primary purpose -- to carry its message to the alcoholic who still suffers.  If you are interested in becoming a Temporary Contact or Local Coordinator, please go to our website at for more information.  









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